Dr Joseph NG


27 October 2023, Friday, 1635 – 1655hr
Speaker: New Innovations Session
Robotic Surgery in Women’s Cancer Surgery

28 October 2023, Saturday, 1020 – 1135hr
Moderator: GynaeOncology Surgery Session

Dr Joseph Ng is Chair of the Robotic Steering Committee of one of the largest public healthcare clusters in Singapore, the NUHS.  He is a Senior Consultant Gynecologic Oncologist of the Gyn Cancer Program at the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS).  

He is Founding President of both the Asian Society of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery (ASGRS) and the Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore (RS3).  He is the current President of the Gynecological Cancer Group, Singapore, the GCGS, a national gynecological cancer research consortium. 

He founded the Gyn Robot-Assisted Cancer & Endoscopic Surgery (GRACES @ NUH) program in 2008 at the National University Hospital, Singapore’s first and longest running gyn robotic surgery program which since 2016 has been the only program to safely and consistently deliver same-day complex gynecological and cancer surgery.